Webcomics: Flamingo and Skywolf

Ok, this one is really insane: From Contact Comics in 1944: Warren Ellis says: “Colonel Moore Williams knows the enemy is easily terrified by the   strange and unknown, so he becomes the superhero known as the Flamingo! He has   no powers and is only armed with his intellect, his physical strength, his   service revolver, and a specially built plane. He uses his new identity to   accomplish things the military cannot.”

The story and story board were originally done in under 3 hours, for the five pages. It took me much longer to properly onk, colour and letter the whole thing. But there you go.

And a few weeks later, a new thread:

A sequel to the Flamingo: Warren Ellis says: “Okay, this one has the potential for some crazy. Also, if anyone’s in the mood   to draw insane vehicles, now’s your shot…

As Skywolf, Larry Wolfe wore a white wolf pelt into battle and   headed a three-man flier team. Members of the team include Cocky Roche, who was   a cockney, and the Judge, an old Englishman turned down by the R.A.F. because of   his age. The last member was “The Turtle,” A Polish mute whose tongue was cut   out by Germans and who communicated by tapping on his own head in Morse Code.   The group flew special planes that split in half to become separate vehicles. In   fact, Skywolf and his team were such an effective group of Nazi fighters that   Adolf Hitler himself was desperate to get rid of them to the point of actually   participating in a plan to capture them. Skywolf teamed up with Airboy and   battled the monstrous Heap during the course of his adventures.

I don’t make this shit up, I swear.” Well, I did.