Webcomics: Gerry Carlysle

Warren Ellis says: “From Jess Nevins, another very short one that should be fun. It’s not   immediately clear, so let me state up front: Gerry Carlyle is a   woman.

Carlyle, Gerry. Gerry Carlyle was created by Arthur K. Barnes and appeared in a series of stories in Thrilling Wonder Stories from   1937-1946, several of which were collected in Interplanetary Hunter (1956). Gerry Carlyle is the beautiful and fabulous galactic big game hunter, a sort of Frank Buck Rogers, who works for the London Interplanetary Zoo, capturing   dangerous alien beasts on far distant and often dangerous alien worlds, and bringing the BEMs back to the Zoo. In this Gerry is assisted by her bold and rather clever sidekick Tommy Strike, with whom Gerry has a love/hate relationship.

So the key writing was to have fun with the Future, and the various alien species.