Who’s Brian le Golem?

Back in 2006, I attended a formation in Paris on Graphic Design. One of the goal of this course was to define a graphic identity, and from there, to design one’s business card.

At that time, I was already thinking of going into the comic-book business. Still, I didn’t want to represent me, as such.

I started to think of an avatar. A key idea came with the learning of the Glycon deity by Alan Moore, who happens to be possibly my prefered comic-book author.

This divinity, half-fraud and half-puppet was chosen partly for this irony, but also for the relation puppet-pupeteer relation which completed and ooposed the god-believer relation.

I wanted to chose a character which I could control, but also with a symbolic/mystical dimension. The Golem was a natural choice. Not only was it the first robot, the first automated human, and a perfect toolbox, but also the richness of this creature, found in so many cultures, be it Jewish, Greek, or many others, it represents one’s will to create life, a perfect tool to achieve one’s desire, wether it is glory, power or immortality.

I just want to make comics, by the way. Write and draw. Which brings me back to the golem, and the power of the word. So no “truth” or “dead” on the forehead, just his name. It’s a boy, Doctor. Brian, say hello to the world.

“- Hi, World!”

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