Superheroes: Spider-Man

The following gallery is to show the variations between the classic character and the remake-remodel thread.








The gloomy colours add really to what is essential in a superhero.
In the classic literature- Latin, Greek and European Renaissance,
a hero was defined by his weakness to what
overwelmed him: either the State, the Gods or Fate.
The overpowering force superheroes have to face? Daily life.
And, to this point, nobody understands this more than Peter Parker.
This version was originally made for a remake-remodel
thread, and I focused on the radioactive threat. It’s the
most terrible aspect of the change, with the pain.
Out of all the transformation Peter Parker could have
suffered, this one is the worst.
I made this one in the summer of 2007. I always felt that
the Hulk could be rendered even more impressive with a bigger size.
In this sense, I really like what Ang Lee did back in 2003.